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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Signs by the Big Tree

Front and Canal Streets, by the big banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui, HawaiiLahaina, Maui, Hawaii ~ May 7, 2010

I often take photos of street signs just so I can identify where I've taken the other photos. In this case, I liked the sign, and on viewing it, I liked the trees and the sky. The green at the bottom of the photo is a famous gigantic banyan tree that takes up most of a block. I'll post its pictures tomorrow.

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Halcyon said...

Beautiful! I don't recall the banyan tree. Although we didn't have much time for land activity when we were in Maui.

Lee Spangler said...

What is aLahaina without that amazing banyan tree. I am eager to see the pix tomorrow!