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Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Tis the Season for Salmon Flies on the Deschutes River, Oregon

Salmon fly (Pteronarcys californica)
Also called stone fly and willow fly
Central Oregon ~ May 30, 2004
Along the Deschutes River

Fly-fishers go crazy from mid-May to early June waiting for this little critter to hatch, because the trout and salmon also go crazy trying eat the insects. At that time, they'll bite at anything, especially tied salmon flies that look like the real thing to them. It's interesting that the salmon fly even has some of the coloring we call "salmon."

We were on the Deschutes River on May 30, 2004, with these harmless and pretty bugs flying everywhere. One of them landed and was very obliging when I asked to take it's photo. I wasn't fishing. I was enjoying all the things buzzing and crawling and blooming around the river bank. It was a beautiful day unless you were an unlucky fish or a salmon fly. Here are a few more links:

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Francisca said...

Lovely red rings and pattern on the wings. Super close-up shot.

Jacob said...

Never heard of the critter, but it's rather cute. I think I heard him cry out as he flew away, "Time to cut bait and get out of here!"