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Monday, May 24, 2010

Circles and Squares

Tacoma, Washington ~ May 21, 2004
In front of Union Station

I love finding interesting things in the pavement.

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Halcyon said...

I also like it when people take the time to make the sidewalks look neat!

I installed that "you might also like" on my blog. But I don't see it anymore. I think it may be blocked by my work though b/c I don't see yours either. Do you see it?

Halcyon said...

Ok. I'm glad to know it's there! It must just be blocked by work.

I haven't put it on JDP yet. Perhaps that's a project for tonight. :)

Francisca said...

Whilst I do appreciate and like statues and obvious pieces of art, it's this kind of subtle urban art that appeals to me most.

Lee Spangler said...

It is so nice that there are people like you who show the value of the detail.

Jacob said...

You find interesting things because they are there where you trod. And I'm glad that you always(?) have your camera with you!