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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Brazilian Cardinal

Brazilian or Red-crested Cardinal, Maui, Hawaii
Brazilian or Red-crested Cardinal, Maui, HawaiiRed-crested or Brazilian Cardinal (Paroaria coronata)
Napili, Maui, Hawaii ~ May 7, 2010
These are the two "artistic" shots of the cardinal. Yesterday's photo gave a better idea of the coloration of the bird. There are many brightly-colored birds in the world, but the dramatic red against the white and then the incongruous gray body made this bird seem somehow special. Or maybe it was my surprise when the bright red appeared all of a sudden.

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Francisca said...

Isn't s/he a pretty one!?

Halcyon said...

A beauty! I saw these when we were on the islands too but didn't know what they were.

JM said...

The back shot is as fantastic as the frontal one! Well done.