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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Santa Fe in San Diego

Santa Fe Train Station, San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego, California ~ November 5, 2009
I grew up in Southern California an hour or so north of here, so palm trees and atmospheric architecture of this ilk were commonplace to me at one time. I've always appreciated them and found them of historic and artistic interest, but they were not unusual. Going back after so many years, and with so much modern construction having taken the place of the old, I see these buildings now as rare gems, and the palm trees and shadows as among the elements that evoke nostalgia — a sense of an era as well as a place. As I researched, I found that even this building supplanted an old Victorian station on the spot. Photo #6 on this site shows the station in Corona that I remember from childhood.
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1 comment:

Jacob said...

A lovely shot with great colors and shadows. It's nice to find places which were a part of one's personal history!