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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brilliant Brazilian Cardinal, Maui

Brazilian or Red-crested Cardinal, Maui, Hawaii
Brazilian or Red-crested Cardinal, Maui, Hawaii Red-crested or Brazilian Cardinal (Paroaria coronata)
Napili, Maui, Hawaii ~ May 8, 2010

I could hardly believe the flaming red color when this cardinal hopped onto the table at our hotel in Maui. I'd never seen one before on my trips to other Hawaiian islands, but this bird visited us several times each day. It didn't come around often enough that I had much time to take photos, but I did take a few, and I have two more to show you tomorrow. It was a quick little bird, active and somewhat skittish, and so it was harder than the other visiting birds to get into focus.

The Brazilian cardinal was introduced from South America to Oahu about 1930.

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1 comment:

Lee Spangler said...

I should have known when I heard it chirp Bom Dia!