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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maryhill the Unlikely

Maryhill Museum of Art, Maryhill, Washington Maryhill, Washington ~ October 5, 2003

Down the slope to the left is the Columbia River. On the other side are miles and miles of arid, rocky terrain. Yet inside the Maryhill Museum of Art you'll find world-class exhibits of European origin. Nearby is a winery, a war memorial patterned after Stonehenge (but made of concrete), and a concert venue where we saw Bob Dylan and his band a few summers ago. What posessed anyone to build a mansion like this in the desert? Sam Hill wanted his wife to forget about her life in Minneapolis and be content with him here in the West. It didn't work out, but he left an unusually interesting legacy and many miles of good roads.

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Lee Spangler said...

what in Sam Hill was he thinking?
Wonderful post to tell of this excellent museum out along the gorge. It is a must see for in the NW

cieldequimper said...

Well if it's a must see... ;-)
Lovely light here!

Tinsie said...

Awesome story! Shame Hill's plan didn't work, but what a great monument to leave behind! The museum looks really interesting, the kind of place I'd love to visit :-)

JM said...

Just beautiful!