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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chasing Fish

Star-eyed Parrotfish, Maui Star-eyed Parrotfish (Calotomus carolinus)
Honolua Bay, Maui ~ May 8, 2010

I mentioned to someone that I would soon be chasing fish with a camera in Hawaii, and she asked, "Do you really chase fish?" Yes, I do. I'm still a rank beginner at photographing fish under water, and this trip was my fourth attempt. I've learned that sometimes if I wait, they'll come to me, but I've only just discovered that. More often, I become excited, see a fish I like (which is practically any fish) and I try to follow it, ending up with a photo of the fish from this angle. This is not too bad, actually. I have the whole fish in the frame.

Due to overcast conditions this past weekend, I have fewer usable pictures from this trip than from earlier trips. The water was very clear in Hololua Bay, but the overcast skies dulled the colors, and neither did we find schools of fish right up close and easy to capture with the camera. This is the first tropical-fish-not-in-an-aquarium photo on this blog. As I'm trying to post something almost every day, I'll be posting the good pix from this trip as well as digging into the archives from earlier adventures. I have some nice turtle pictures, too, although we didn't see any turtles this time.

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Lee Spangler said...

I understand that they are hard to keep in an aquarium because they chew and grind everything including rocks. A lovely picture as a memory for a lovely trip.

Francisca said...

Swimming in Mother's Nature's fish bowl is definitely one of life's big pleasures. Apart from the stunning blue, I love the pattern around this fish' eye.