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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beer Can House, Houston

Houston, Texas ~ February 3, 2011
The Beer Can House, 222 Malone Street, Houston, Texas

Barbara took us around to see some of the unique sights of Houston. I had no idea we'd find such bizarre and amusing sights. If you have ever been to Houston and found it uninteresting, or if you've been told that it's boring with nothing to see, I guess you just need a good tour guide. By the way, the downtown area of the city itself is beautiful with fun things to do. The outskirts (miles of them) are just about like any other big city in the U.S.A. If we had seen only that, we might as well have gone to L.A., which is closer. Stay tuned for more pix of surprising Houston.

Detail of the construction. . . . Although many whole beer cans are used in the house, the "fringes" seem to be made of cut cans. You can read more about it on the official Beer Can House web site.

Who would do something like this, you ask? Check it out at

For more Houston, check out Houston Daily Photo.

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