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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My new blog, first post: Homage to the Megatherium

Extinct Giant Ground Sloth Megatherium Toy or ReplicaMegatherium Model
Astoria, Oregon ~ The Animal Store

This extinct giant ground sloth is one of my favorite collectible toys from my online animal store, and sadly, we sold the last one a couple of days ago. It's been discontinued by the manufacturer, which I think is a shame. We do have an extinct giant ground sloth puzzle, but it will also soon be gone and will be taken offline. It has a different kind of charm from the creature above. So many good animal toys are being discontinued! When one of my favorites goes, it makes me sad. I'm keeping a gallery to remember them by, and today's image just happens to be this defunct sloth. We keep getting new good stuff, but for some old favorites, there is no replacement.

"So, Sheryl, you already have five working blogs and three empty ones you'll take down when you've moved the photos, so what gives? Why another one?"

It will be different for me. I've been thinking about this for months and have finally decided to go for it. I'm a fan of daily photo blogs, including the concept of City Daily Photo blogs (I have one of Astoria, Oregon, and Lee has one of Bend). In addition, I really enjoy two offshoots of this theme by two of my blogosphere friends: Vogon Poet and Cieldequimper. It was mostly these last two blogs that inspired me. The reason I gave it so much thought is that 1) It's a commitment, and 2) I realized I did not want to limit myself to locations. But if not, why not simply post more often on my personal blog as I used to do (and will again)? Finally, it came to me.

My other blogs are keyed to dates or subject matter. I will continue them, but I like the idea of playing with a random image for the day. After posting Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo since April 23, 2009, I have no illusions that a single-image post can't be as time-consuming as a multi-photo post. Often it takes me longer.

But the occasion to reach into time and subject once a day without the restrictions I've imposed on my other blogs won me over. Naturally, some of my favorite themes and places will emerge over time.

People often ask me how I have time to blog so much. I'm happy to say that besides being a passion, blogging is part of my work. Due to the interconnected workings of the Web, any time I work on one of my blogs, it helps boost our sales in the online store. If I work on four or five blogs in a day, even better. It's not the subject matter, so much as the mysterious connectivity of the bits and bytes and how they affect associated Web presence. As they say, "It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it." I do other stuff, too, but this is the best part.

Enjoy, I hope. I love comments, and I'll get back to you. This will be fun.


Francisca said...

Cool idea... would love to follow suit, but without the good business reason, and already too much on my plate, am reluctant to make the commitment. But I'll be a loyal follower. :-D

Jacob said...

A great idea...and it provides an opportunity to showcase all your photos from various places you've been. I'm enjoying already.

And I've never even heard of a Megatherium until today! Merci!

Catherine Todd said...

Sheryl, you can easily make a cast of these animals and create more. There are flexible mold materials that are easy to use, and plasticine to pour into them, or lots of other materials now-a-days. Don't let them go extinct! Save you last ones for re-creation! They are absolutely fabulous. Never seen anything like them anywhere else; where in the world (literally!) do you find all these incredible animals in all shapes and forms? It's a fantastical Noah's Ark for sure!