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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dudley Castle Keep

Dudley Castle Keep, Dudley, West Midlands, England Dudley, West Midlands, England ~ February 16, 2010
Dudley Castle Keep

It was a gloriously sunny day when we took the train from Banbury to Dudley to visit Dudley Zoo, its tapirs, and tapir keeper Laura Robbins, along with the historic and extremely picturesque Dudley Castle, begun about 1071. More on all of this in blog posts to come. There are photos of Banbury and two of Dudley Castle on Lee's blog post, Seeing the Past.

Description of Dudley Castle I have left both plaque photos large. Click on the image and you can read about this remarkable castle.

Description of Dudley Castle Keep This post is a continuation of my personal theme week, "England," which started on March 1, although I posted the first photo from the trip on February 27. See also March 2 and March 3 if you missed them :)
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Jacob said...

I don't suppose that was Dudley Moore's castle? He was from England, right? ;-)

This is a wonderful photo with that castle keep (is that the right word?) silhouetted against, not only the sky, but those white clouds!

Delightful shot!

I left a note on Ocala DP, but I'll note here too that yes, that runner is Lois Anne...I've stopped my bike to take the photo--it's amazing how far ahead she can get in just a few seconds!

cieldequimper said...

Dudley Moore?

I'd have said Lord Dudley...

Love the first shot, it looks just like it should do: defensive.

cieldequimper said...

P.S.: Lord Dudley as in Elisabethan Dudley, not Moore!

Francisca said...

Pretty tower silhouettes... but it's the sky that draws me into this photo. Clouds like this make me want to go walk in them... dreamy.

Louis la Vache said...

Nice contrast between the sky and the outline of the castle.