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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Airport Ghosts

Empty Rocking Chairs, Logan International Airport, Boston Boston, Massachusetts ~ October 13, 2008
Logan International Airport

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Jacob said...

A super composition, Tapirgal! I've noticed that a number of airports are putting out these fact, I used one a couple of years ago in Columbia, SC. They're quite comfortable.

Doesn't look like the Logan I remember, though.

I'd tell the folks at the Orlando Int'l Airport to do the same but they'd probably think I was off my rocker!

James said...

That is really cool. For a second I thought this was the work of mirrors. :)
Thanks for the Paris link!

Halcyon said...

These are lovely rockers.

I've seen some similar ones here in Jackson on the porch of a bead and breakfast. To add some interest, I boosted the contrast.
But I think yours look great "au naturel".

Tinsie said...

Rocking chairs at an airport? Wow!