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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sky and Silhouettes

Dudley, West Midlands, England ~ February 16, 2010
Dudley Castle Keep
Image Search / Wikipedia

Fortunately, I finished sorting my used pictures for this blog last night, or I would have repeated this photo of Dudley Castle. I must be in an English Castle mood today. Here is another post, this time from the tower looking down.

Today I am joining others around the world who participate in Skywatch Friday. Click on over to see stunning photos of the beautiful sky that covers us all!

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Rajesh said...

Fantastic composition.

Lee Spangler said...

OMG what a memory.. That place was so cool. What an incredible day back then!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing me over here! I have a huge weakness for English castles (or more accurately, a huge love for the entire UK). This is a beautiful shot. Makes me want to visit England again.

Lowell said...

I have never seen an English castle in the flesh. Sigh. Another entry for my "bucket list." So beautiful!

JM said...

Wonderful ruins!