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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interesting Old Digs

Banbury, England ~ February 15, 2010

We stayed in this former coaching inn from the 17th Century for a couple of nights. I loved the old building (and cheaper than most Holiday Inn Express Hotels). We got to chat about history with some of the staff, but I vowed to carry my own blankets next time. Under a featherbed comforter, you roast. Throw it off and you freeze. I'm used to layering covers, and I never got the hang of how to sleep Old England Style. Any hints?

By the way, I'm re-thinking my blogs, and I intend to make "Tapirgal's Daily" a daily blog again. Or close enough. It will help when I get my used photos re-named with the date first so I can tell quickly if I've already used a photo or not. Apologies for any you've seen before.

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Lowell said...

I don't think there's an answer to your hot/cold dilemma. I remember my grandmothers house on a farm in northern Minnesota. In the winter, I slept upstairs (no heat)! Blankets piled high on the bed. Underneath the blankets you perspired. Take a blanket off and you froze.

I preferred sweat to ice.

JM said...

So British! Love it.