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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deco Delight

Charles F. Berg Building, Art Deco, Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon ~ August 7, 2010
SW Broadway near Pioneer Square

First, please excuse the crazy angles. I didn't take enough photos to find a straight one, and I didn't want to lose anything in the cropping. I think one crazy angle is fine, but these two going in opposite directions . . . not so much. I love the jungle theme in the dark areas. I also left the photo below at a large size so you can check out the details when you click on it. The inside seems to be worth looking at as well. Hopefully next time I'll go in.

Charles F. Berg Building, Art Deco, Portland, Oregon I posted a close-up of some of the detail on my Animal Art Along the Way blog today. To enlarge the photo above, click it once, then click the photo again when it pops up in a window.

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Jacob said...

I'm very pleased you thought to include the second photo...the first one was intriguing and interesting, but we needed the 2nd one to get the context. It's a very beautiful building!

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful decorations.

JM said...

The title says it all. Just wonderful!

Francisca said...

I agree with Jacob... glad you posted both. What a gorgeous building!