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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Compass Rose: Belém, western Lisbon, Portugal

Compass Rose, Oeiras, Portugal Oeiras, Portugal ~ July 24, 2009
Photo by JM

Many thanks to JM of Oeiras and environs daily photo for the use of this magnificent piece of pavement! You MUST enlarge it. Those are actually people down there! For the full story and comments check out JM's original post of the rose.

I also learned from JM that this type of pavement pattern (the black and white wavy lines) originated in Portugal. Having not been to Portugal (yet), I first encountered similar patterns in Brazil. In fact, I posted one of the sidewalks from Sao Paulo during the first week of Tapirgal's Daily Image.

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Francisca said...

Holy José! That is stunning! (And yes, that is definitely worth enlarging!)

JM said...

I have just realized that I forgot to mention on my post this was taken at Belém, western Libon, and not exactly at Oeiras... silly me! I'm so sorry about that, Sheryl!