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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remembering Jimi Hendrix at the Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle, Washington ~ May 5, 2008

It seems to me that zoos have become more and more eclectic over the years, and some of the fascinating things you find there are not only about animals in cages. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has this memorial to one of the world's most incredible and best-remembered guitar artists on an aggregate rock near some bird exhibits. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle. There's also a famous memorial to him there that I haven't visited.

I took this photo within the same minute as the picture above, so it has to be here, but I can't remember now exactly where the star is located. I seem to remember that the reason I didn't photograph it so it could be seen in situ is that the girl in pink pants may be sitting on it. I think it's nice that this memorial is integrated with the play and viewing area. You come upon it completely by accident, and think, "Oh yeah, Jimi Hendrix! Cool." 

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Pat Tillett said...

"...and the wind whispers mary."

Halcyon said...

Sort of an odd place for a Hendrix memorial. But I guess there are fans everywhere!

I have a picture of his grave in Renton, WA if you're interested in taking a peek!

Elettra said...

The Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed him the greatest guitarist of all time, his native city has done well to pay homage also naming the park

JM said...

A tribute to Jimi Hendrix in a zoo?! I'm surprised but it's really cool.