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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ornate Doors in Paris

Paris ~ May 5, 2004
West Doors of Notre Dame Cathedral

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James said...

I was there just last week but every time I saw Notre Dame it seemed to be raining. It looks like you had plenty of sun for this beautiful image.
I was thinking about you when I was looking at the guy with the "shining blue gem" in the South Ambulatory but I never did find out who he was.

JM said...

These doors are awesome!

Francisca said...

Never get tired looking at these doors.

Jacob said...

Hi Sheryl!

A lovely photo. I was thinking, though, how I don't remember these doors at all and I took a number of shots of Notre Dame. Then I realized they were open when I was there! So I never saw them.

Hope you're doing well...we're home, and Denise is improving daily so we are hopeful.

Thank you again for your compassion and love! And have a wonderful week!