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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sailfish from Mexico

Mexico ~ Sailfish on a Postage Stamp

Stamp collectors may note that someone (yours truly) has carelessly slashed the stamp between the picture and the perforations. It wasn't out of meanness, but many of the stamps I've saved over the years are for use in the collages I've enjoyed making since 1968, when I discovered that I liked this art form. I've saved bits, images, and whole magazines to play around with when the mood strikes. This stamp was left out of some collage I was making at the time, but saved in the "collage box," and when it came up again, I was thinking "Animal Art" blog.

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Francisca said...

I'm not a collector, so the slash doesn't bother me. It's a pretty stamp. Whenever I post something - which is definitely getting rare these days - I ask for stamps, but they're not always pretty, and sometimes a small post office doesn't have them at all.

JM said...

It's a beautiful stamp.