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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oregon Wild Roses

On the Deschutes River, Oregon ~ May 30, 2004
Near South Junction
Wild Roses (Rosa woodsii)

These native Oregon flowers were blooming near one of Lee's favorite trout fishing places on a beautiful bend in the Deschutes River. There's nothing much here except a few picnic tables, some cleared ground, an outhouse and a railroad track. And of course, beautiful scenery and the river.

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Jacob said...

What I like most about these flowers is their brilliant pink color...and the site sounds absolutely wonderful...I can see why it would be a favorite of Lee's even it there weren't any trout to catch!

Francisca said...

Beautiful scenery an after-thought, Sheryl? Sheesh! :-D

Francisca said...

Oh... and pretty pink!

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful flowers Sheryl..
Have a nice day.

cieldequimper said...

So, so pretty!