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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Built to last

Chicago ~ April 24, 2005

Built to last and built to please. I love the architectural wonders of The Windy City. The entire feel of being in Chicago came back to me tonight when I looked at this image. Beautiful and intriguing buildings filled block after block.

My thanks to Stan Hollenbeck for supplying the following info: "The building is Romanesque Revival built in 1897 but not a Sullivan. Louis Sullivan, one of Chicago's most influential architects, developed a unique form of decoration that he used for many of his buildings, beginning in the 1890s. This Sullivanesque style was imitated by other architects. The records do not indicate who was the architect of that particular building."

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cieldequimper said...

Right, I guess I need to put Chicago on my to-go places. ;-)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful architecture and definitely built to last.

Halcyon said...

This is pretty. Reminds me of a building I once visited in Seattle. Let us know who the architect was.

Jacob said...

We lived in the Chicago area for a number of years, but at the time I was busy with other things and not noticing architectural details like this!

Methinks I'll have to revisit my past if this is an example of what I missed!

Nicely done!