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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Market

Astoria, Oregon, May 24, 2015

Today I wasn't looking for special images. It was the day itself that was special. I rode my bike. I took a walk. And I'm OK. It will be five years ago on May 31 that I took that final long walk that started my downhill slide into parathyroid disease and the horrible 3-year recovery. I'm doing better now every day or at least every few days, and this is the second time I've been to Sunday market in three, four, or even five years. Living so close, I used to go all the time. It was nothing to pop on the backpack and come home with some veggies or arnica lotion.

I had planned to ride my bike to Sunday Market, walk a block or so, take a few photos and ride home, but the bike shop was only another block beyond this point, and the tire tubes needed a check. When they said they needed the bike for a few days to a week, I took stock of the distance and said OK.

I walked back to Sunday Market and moseyed around. First stop was the food court in the bank parking lot, although I didn't eat anything. I felt thrilled that I felt I could "mosey" at all.

The bank parking lot also has a band each week. I don't know the name of this band, or if it was just friends playing together. I'm also not sure if they were local, but Astoria has a lot of excellent musicians. They were playing bluegrass, which I sometimes enjoy, but I decided to move along.

Coming back through the food court. This Indian food booth is from a local restaurant I really like.

Sellers, stalls, and always people pushing babies.

A lot of different products are sold, but you have to make it yourself or grow it yourself.

Dogs like Sunday Market.

Leaving on Marine Drive. The back side of the food court. "Awesome Crab Cakes." I didn't have any, but they probably are :-)

Walking home down Marine Drive.

Tiki Bar.

Near home. I love the poppies!


VP said...

Glad to have you back, and with this collection of splendid images!

Fotolosopher said...

Wow! When you come back, you do it right! So glad you're out and about and this market looks wonderful. Best wishes!