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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sergio and the Bridge

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 2, 2014

Here is Sergio, my Colombian friend and tapir colleague, on a wet day in Astoria. If you think he might be out of his element here, take a look at his photos of the Colombian Andes. His photo site starts here. You'll enjoy the slide show, including many photos taken while crossing the US with Lee.


Lowell said...

I love this image! I'd guess it was raining a bit. I loved Sergio's photo site and the slideshow. He's quite good.

Our granddaughter and her husband and their three little kids are in Bogota trying to convert the Colombians to their Jesus. You can guess what I think of that. My granddaughter is a sweetheart, though.

Raksha said...

Thank you for the link to Sergio's website. He is a brilliant photographer...each picture seemed more magical than the next. I looked at all of them too.

@Lowell: How on earth did a freethinker like you end up with a Christian missionary for a granddaughter? I'm expecting my first grandchild in March, thanks to my Jewitch daughter. Oh, perish the's giving me nightmares already!