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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Horse, of Course

Houston, Texas ~ February 7, 2011
George Bush Intercontinental Airport

It's always nice to run into a friendly equine.


Lowell said...

I'd expect a horse at George Bush IA. But I'd expect the other end of it! :-))

I was going to ask if you'd fly into or out of anything named "George Bush," but then I remember we did just that a couple of years ago. We used to live relatively close to this airport but that was when it was appropriately named the Houston Intercontinental Airport!

Lee Spangler said...

Lowell took my thoughts exactly and yet what statue would he like to see at Ronald Reagan in D.C.? Actually I wish it brought back fond memories of carousels I rode as a child. Thanks for posting it.

Halcyon said...

As long as it's not a gift horse!