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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inside the Bell Tower at Monreale

Monreale Cloisters, Sicily ~ April 29, 2004

Francisca, thanks for asking. Here's the bell tower. You can see more of Monreale here. I'll be posting more as time goes on. It was such a romantic place, and one I'd read about for years before seeing it. I only wish I'd had a better camera that trip and taken more photos!

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Lee Spangler said...

Yeah an incredible place and trip. How we finally saw a place we had alwways seen only in art history books like Janssen. Where else could we find moorish influence with gold and mosaic tiles. Do you remember the view of Palermo from that hillside? What about that perfect garden?!!!

Francisca said...

That's an interesting POV on the bell tower. I know what you mean about visiting a place you've longed to see with an inadequate camera. I lament not even having a camera most of my traveling life... I would so have loved to have recorded the transformation of China I've seen since 1985! And I've lost some wonderful digital photos taken on journeys 2000-2005.

Catherine Todd said...

Wow. What a view! Scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Peace with Points and Swords.

Lowell said...

Looks rather dangerous with those spiky things.

Did I ever tell you the story about an old man who came to a church looking for work?

The priest looked him over quickly and said he give him $5 a day if he could go up into the bell tower and ring the bell at the appropriate times.

The poor old guy - hunched over, unshaven, wearing dirty clothes - was ecstatic as he hadn't eaten in a long time. Climbing the stairs was very difficult, though, and by the time he reached the top his lungs felt like they were on fire, his chest was heaving and tears ran down his face.

But he recovered.

Then it came time to ring the bell. He grabbed the rope, pulled hard and the bell swung back behind him. Unfortunately, as it gathered speed on its return it hit the old man in the face and knocked him out of the bell tower. He dropped like a stone 30 feet to the ground.

Soon a crowd gathered and the commotion got the attention of the priest who went out to see what was going on.

He pushed a couple of people aside to get a better look at the body. One of the folks standing there asked the priest if he knew the man.

The priest looked him over carefully, then said:

"No, I can't say that I do. But his face sure does ring a bell!"

May the rest of your week be filled with fun and funky things!

Halcyon said...

Really glad you're back, even sporadically! I was in Sicily last May, but I didn't get to see this particular church. It's lovely though. I like the simplicity. :)