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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Portland, Oregon ~ February 16, 2008
Burchell's or plains zebra
The Oregon Zoo

At least, I think this is Burchell's zebra. Zebras have been seen in photos and books and at zoos for so long that we get used to looking at them. But when you really begin to think in a fresh way about the patterns and colors on these animals, zebras a truly amazing-looking creatures not like anything else on Earth.

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Yes, we have zebras!


Pat Tillett said...

I've always loved zebras. Especially as a kid. They are amazing looking!

Lee Spangler said...

I understand they are capable of mating with horses. The smart ones would be called hebras!

Halcyon said...

They are amazing creatures. And this is a great shot!

JM said...

Judging from the pattern, this must be a south african friend.

Francisca said...

I agree with you about zebras.