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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Urban art at a Metro Train Station, Los Angeles, California 2003 - photo by Francisca Los Angeles ~ 2003
From the series "Los Angeles Urban Art 2003"

Today I'm posting a random shot from a number of photos Francisca generously loaned for use on this blog. She wrote, "These were all taken on the Metro Train route from LA Airport to downtown . . . each stop has wonderful urban art." Check out Francisca's View Thru My Global Lens.

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tapirgal said...

I love the colors here, Francisca. I suppose they meant for people to notice the directional arrow, but that wonderful yellow and black checkerboard just leaps out at the viewer! I like the green railing with the scheme.

Francisca said...

Glad you like it. My digital camera in those days was not so great, but what the hey, it's the substance here that counts more than the form. This one could work for meme Mellow Yellow Monday. :-)

Jacob said...

Francisca is a fine photographer and I enjoy her images very much.